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The Siachen area page, from now is renovated and updated of historical and technical informations. This mountainous area is maybe the most incredible moutians area on the earth.

Contrary to the popular belief, the Siachen glacier has been visited by many since more than a Century. The glacier, originally known as 'Saicher Gharni' was place of interest and several Baltis from the western valleys visited the glacier. Many decades ago it is believed that a small Yarkandi village existed at the entrance of the Teram Shehr glacier. (Bullock-Workman found the walls of such a settlement in 1912 and it was seen and photographed by the Indian expedition in 2002). Here on the glacier Yarkandis met the Baltis and traded with them.

The Siachen Glacier has been a well-known battleground for Indian and Pakistan troops for the last 19 years and with recent infiltration of armed militants into Kashmir, the December 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament, the subsequent threat of all-out nuclear war and the May 2002 murders in Jammu, hopes for a solution have faded. The pollution in, and degradation of, this wonderful mountain environment is appalling.

The access is strictly regulated: expeditions by groups is authorised and Indians members must be associated, the responsibility were necessarily entrusted to the one of them; the rights prices about around 4000 USD (changes every year). The major attempts and success in the area were made between 1955 and 1978.

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I have been asked too many times why there isn't a forum on blankonthemap. That's done! This French and english forum will have 4 topics that reflects the blankonthemap spirit :

This forum has not intention to compete with other ones, that have been around for a long time, and that I would like to remind you of :
Quite on the opposite, this new forum will hopefully complete the web in helping you to prepare for upcoming trips in North Kashmir Hope to see you on teh forum when you are nearing the time to head out to this mountains

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Lasts Web discoveries! : le site d'une expédition française au Braod Peak pprévue cet été. Simple et esthétique, ce site à la navigation efficace vous fera découvrir un projet d'ascension que l'on souhaite également esthétique et efficace. : C'est le un site perso comme on en rencontre rarement. Le site de Bruno Buchet richement doté, bien argumenté par un alpiniste ambitieux, nous ouvre les portes d'un monde où le regard porte au dessus des montagnes à 360°.

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A big shout !

The Olympic games of shame will take place. They will take place with the highest political benediction, from developed countries like ours. For economical motives, we make due with chinese, we just need to close our eyes. Yesterday Burma. today Tibet, tomorrow... Business couldn't care less of good conduct. Tibet is dying? Long live globalization!

Tibetans are in this very moment hunted dow, tortured, killed, in all corners of their country, in all aspects of culture and liberty. This has lasted 50 years, why would it stop now? I don't want to think that's it's a little bit because of us. We, climbers and trekkers, who love and admire this country, we can not be indifferent. It is more than necessary for us to give the generosity back to those that bring up peaks, those who risk their life for us for a few Yuan. Let's help them!

The excellent ExplorerWeb site offer good news about the Tibets problem, to read :

Pour agir :

Signe the AVAAZ petition :

France Tibet Association :

Use one of this logo on your WebSite:

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"Return to Noshaq" reminder

This information letter is a new occasion to remind you of the well intentioned project "Return to Noshaq" started by Kimbeley O'Neil and John Mock, the great specialist of North Kashmir (see newsletter 25). Please don't hesitate to donate at this address:
Paypal payment in one click here .

Thank You !

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March 20th 2008

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