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Thanks to all of you for your support in launching "Return to Noshaq"!

Imagine if no one could get to Everest or K2 - what would happen to mountaineering and trekking in Nepal or Pakistan? What would happen to the people who live around those peaks?

Afghanistan faces this situation today. Its highest peak, Noshaq (7492m), is virtually inaccessible because the route to base camp is blocked by landmines.

Those of us who venture into the mountains are aware of and respect the objective dangers posed by the landscape, but manmade dangers leftover from war and conflict have no place in the mountain realm.

Please take a moment to read about the Return to Noshaq campaign (, which is raising funds to remove the landmines from Noshaq and reopen this peak to the world.

We need your help now to succeed. We ask mountaineers and mountain lovers to join forces to promote the conservation of the world's mountains through peace and cooperation.

Please support the Return to Noshaq campaign by making a contribution, forwarding this email to your mailing list, and adding a link ( to your website.

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