Satellite image of Kashmir


This satellite image has been reconstructed thanks to 14 others. It represents the Siachen glacier of the Kondus valley and the upper Baltoro to the south (top of image). It covers the Teram Kangri, Mamostong and Rimo mountain ranges. This place, where the highest war of the world takes place, is for obvious reasons prohibited to dawdling visitors. It's a rare document because of its excellent precision, it's just about possible to distinguish the military installations on both control lines of India and Pakistan. Careful - even though this photo is free of all rights, one might question that by consulting it, we may not become spies. Just a warning. It's a pity that the higher left part of the image could not cover the parts of the mysterious mountain K2 (7428m) and that 10-20% of fog does not allow to clearly define the Shyok valley where the silk road can be found that went up the valley to the Karakoram pass and then towards Turkestan.

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