This Website tries to show what are the various aspects of the northern Pakistan which I thought to be the most interesting. I did, however, try to regroup the most important geographical and historical points : those of an historical impact to the area, the silk road, the life of the local inhabitants. This site allows us, the mountaineers, to dream about those that are known and those that still need to be discovered.
The information in this document might be incorrect because the knowledge of this mountain range is limited and the information is rare and contradictory. It is often necessary to proceed by regrouping and various sources. This mountain list records mainly the summits above 8000 or 7000m (see below) which are marked - again without pretending to be exact. In truth, lots of the 7000nds need still to be discovered in the area, their history to be written, and errors to be corrected. Finally all the photos on this site that illustrate these mountains, some were taken by myself, others come from small text illustrations. However, if one of the photographers who might not agree, asks me to take it out, I will do so immediately.

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