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It is with an unsoundable sadness that we learned about the Philippe Nodet death following a fall of paragliding. January 30 2009, Philippe left us during a flight.

He wrote the most beautiful pages about bivouac flight in the Himalayas. It liked to rove along the Himalayans slopes in flight bivouac, to better taming the giants. Like a mountaineer in alpine style, he likes travelling in the air for long treks. Philippe was a romantic adventurer as there exists few. He likes pioneers books, he was one of most famous representing in his sport. He had contributed to this site and I was filled by it.



In the world of the guides, there is a relief fund. This one makes it possible to the family to urgently avoid. It is about a contribution of the whole of the profession. In the parapente, nothing exists. We thus decided to open a specific relief fund for Lou and Mariette, Philippe daughter & woman. Each one is free to take part, actor of the world of the coasting flight, mountaineer, adventurer or friend. You can send your gifts in the form of cheque in the name of

Mariette et Lou NODET BERTRAND.
Prevol Parapente,
Le Chalet
38660 Saint Hilaire du Touvet

Bruno, webmaster de
04 february 2009


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