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Friends of Northern Kashmir, HELLO !

Everybody in Paris gare du Nord station next sunday 6 april at 19h !

The olympic flame arrive to Paris from London by Eurostar next sunday night at around 19h. A meeting is organised by France Tibet association , go protest against olympics game in China !

By choosing China as the organizer country for the Olympic games, the west is trying its best to integrate China in the international game. But we are wondering if France is not making a mistake. Olympic games organized by a dictatorship is a political act, weather its meant or not. Between declaring its intentions and doing political manipulations, China is not stepping back an inch from its ill- directed politics.

Approximately 10000 death penalties, imprisonment without judgment, no syndical rights, no freedom of press, censorship on the web, our countries should know that China is not a country like any other.. .We could be asking oursleves if history is not repeating itself, and we are having a remake of the 1936 games in Berlin. Counting on China to get better at its political games through the opportunity of the Olympic GAmes is a lost cause...

Tibet is paying a harsh price for our indulgence with China. How far will our political laziness and economical cynicism take us?? Tibet is still paying our irrational politics: it is unfortunate that, in order to sell another nuclear power plant or another car factory, the EC is not saying anything in regards to the situation of the Tibetan people and the chinese government.

We, as climbers, trekkers, travelers and Tibet enthusiast, we can not accept that the soul of this country vanishes because of us. We are asking the powers to be to decide for a swift action to take place, even a symbolic one, to force China to reorient its positions in regards to Tibet and the tibetan people.

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Suport Tibet join the AVAAZ protest,
around 1 500 000 signatures !

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Some links : Hear and see the Gilles Vidal document in Toulouse. : Still ExplorerWeb news about Nangpa La fighting. : Nangpa La at french nationnal TV news. : Other web ste on Tibet.

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Lha gyalo ! Free Tibet !


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Bruno, Blankonthemap webmaster
April 03th 2008

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