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Friends of Northern Kashmir, hello!

News, the fifth pass, the film of the high routes of the Karakoram and new pictures of a difficult pass, the Kurdopin Pass, for this 23rd Blankonthemap newsletter.


Siachen glacier in open zone for 2008?

You could follow the wonderfull Paulo Grobel expedition on Mamostong Kangri this summer on Blankonthemap. Exceptional at any points of view, in the area which seems open again! The glacier of Siachen seems not to be reserved for the military operations only. Cause of the warmer diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan, this news was announced by the Indian authorities but time-lag however by Pakistan. The doors of an exceptional mountain world ready to open on Saltoro, Saser Kangri, of Teram and other Rimo ranges : an open fantastic play-ground for all climbers in 2008? For which conditions?

And some news here...

Information is to be followed, Blankonthemap is on, continuation in the next newsletters...

Read the Harish Kapadia document for a peace and protected zone :
And use the following logo picture in your site and militate for a peace zone on Siachen glacier :

Prince Aga Khan speech in Sciences Po Paris school

An interesting speech of the prince Agha Khan in Sciences Po Paris :

The fifth pass, always...!

Page voyage au CachemireDo you know the fifth pass? Yes if you read excellent french Trek Magazine in July. For those which would have missed it, here joined the complete adventure with, a survey carried out in the old pioneers books who carried out us beyond the Karakoram, in the Braldu valley at the Chinese border (text in french only, sorry).

The Blankonthemap movies presents...

The Blankonthemap production. A joke ? Not exactly. 2 films of 15 minutes on line on Dailymotion, signed Blankonthemap! Cinema? not, a real adventure, see rather!



Simplicity, passion and good mood rhythms our steps during 15 days. Scoops in this 2nd film: the prouve that all existed in this sumptuous collection of howlers:


The pass of Kurdopin, by Jef!

Do you know the Kurdopin pass? Do you know the Kurdopin pass? It is a difficult, located at almost 6000 meters between Snow lake and the valley of Shimshal, rarely passed. Jozef houben alias Jef Jef crossed it this year in june. Jef was accompanied by the famous guide Kudrat Ali and porters all from Shimshal. He presents here about fifty wonderfull pictures which testify the hardness places, an exceptional route as well as Pierre Neyret or Jean Louis brabet trips in the same area (see the page Tribute).

Merci Jef.

Thank you Jef.

If you want also wish to present pictures of the your Karakoram trip, do not hesitate to contact me !

Bruno, Blankonthemap webmaster
October 3 2007

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