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Seventy years ago, Eric Shipton start his far and long walk towards the most remote terra incognita in the Northern part of Kashmir !

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In 1937, Eric Shipton began building Northern Kashmir's cartography in the high Karakoram. His work completed, this area of extremes kept its mysteries for 70 long years. In his book " Blank on the Map ", Shipton came to conclusions in regards to the long surveys led by pioneers concerning the incredible migration of tribes that lived at the two opposite parts of this wide range. These hardy travellers were taking glacial routes of over 100 kilometers long, passing over high passes nearly 6000 meters high that to this day remain rarely traversed.

In September 2006, French photographer Matthieu Paley and myself decided to look further into this forgotten past. This long investigation carried us from the Royal Library of London to the limits of the Karakoram. You can find a written account of this adventure in the July issue of Trek Magazine (only in French, sorry…, the video film coming soon !)

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The historians, scientists & authors in Barcelonnette!
Association Les Colporteurs de Paysages (Hawkers of Landscapes) is organizing conferences that are always much appreciated. Make sure to come to Barcelonnette on Thursday 2nd August for a big conference about the old glaciated routes in Karakorum (the program here).

Updates !

The Batura region was so far only partly described in this website. It is finally completed...
Batura: more than a mountain, a range, a wall of rock and ice hanging over 7500m, it is so complex, with a multitude of summits, rarely attempted, even more rarely summited... Maybe nowhere else is the earth's surface so tormented. It is also here that the Karakoram still holds its unclimbed jewels such as the Batura II, highest unclimbed summit on earth - a region which will stay unexpolored unless we decide to step up on it or at least behold it in our eyes!.. Wait! : before packing up your expedition bags, come and have a look
on the new Batura page of Blankonthemap!

Last discoveries on the Web! : a Web site still in construction, with an admirable aesthetic and already quite complete. Let us wish him long life! : The complete site of the Alpine Club of Pakistan. Lots of useful informations before flying away towards the high summits of Northern Kashmir. : ExplorerWeb for Solodarité Cachemire, 135000 euros collecting for an effective help, bravo to French mountaineers! : Expedition full of originality without big noises. No news at the moment, to follow on K2Climb (ExplorerWeb). : The big Russian artillery for a rise which promises to be difficult like always on the most beautiful mountain of the world. : If you are music lover and in love with the Indian sub-continent, have a look to Badila Web Site. You will discover a group strongly inspired and will be able to listen a brilliant music.

The Web has no limits and borders… those of you who think the organization of the next Olympics game in China is dealt without elementary humans right and in the general indifference for Tibetans people suffering, here is a logo to put on your web page :

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June. 28th 2007

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