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Friends of Kashmir, welcome in Blankonthemap, the Northern Kashmir web site !

The magazine " Carnet d'aventure " (selling only in France) proposes a special page about Karakoram mountains (writing by me). Then, ou can read the big Shimshal/Askole traverse to the unknown and icy areas, articles also about the last secrets of Karakoram, about the Skyang (or the strange wild ass you can still fortunately meet in the very high and mysterious northern Kashmir), the short stories of the big ski traverse history, and finally, some usefull informations to make your trek on the wonderfull and icy Baltoro, a success.

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You can read the last article writing in the excellent climbing web site K2climb :

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The famous french photographer and adventurer Pierre Neyret joined us on the Blankonthemap web page named "Tribute". Pierre, passionnate and one of the most specialist of mountainous northern areas, presents his marvellous pictures took during his ski trek around The Ogre during the last spring 2006. These pictures are coming first before the next special web page about Ski Traverse history in the Icy lang of High Karakoram, coming soon next october.

I'll go one more time travelling in Northern areas next September for new adventures in Karakoram, more archaeological and historical one this time, I'll could say more next October… to be following.

While waiting, all to your newspaper sellers ! Read, dream and why not, prepare your bagpack for a Northern Kashmir trip, towards the most beautiful mountainous area in the world.

Bruno, Blankonthemap webmaster.

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