Friends of Kashmir, hello !
Fresh news for this newsletter. First of all, come to visit the new Web site of Matthieu Paley, photographer highly skilled and impassioned by the mountainous areas of Northern Kashmir:
The site is splendid and with impressive photographs, discover incredible publications of Matthieu.

Then, a series of radio transmissions on the earthquake of the last autumn are on line on Radio web site Radio Suisse Romande (RSR 1), during 1 month (in french only):
We listens with pleasure a good speech of Geraldine Benastar telling his passion for Shimshal and Karakoram mountains.

Lastly, an interesting study on the consequences of the reheating climate in the mountains of Northern Kashmir:

New imminent updates on , read you soon on the Northern Kashmire Web site,

Bruno, webmaster.

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25/05/06 (

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