The idea to write a special page about paragliding in Blankonthemap was far from me when. I received an impassioned mail from Philippe Nodet in February.
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Like us others, Philippe and his friends are interested by Karakoram but he likes especialy to traverse it with his paraglider. Quickly, Philippe makes me discover his sport by flooding me with superb photographs that I look full of admiration. Then very quickly, I propose him the writing of a special page about paragliding practice and stories in Karakoram, Philippe directs me towards the web site of his friends John Silverster which, after having become a great mountaineer was one of the first to try the adventure in Karakoram with his paraglider. The writing of this new page was the fruit of an excellent common work between us 3.
Paragliding page :

Let discover Philippe and John through their photographs, their films but also their impassioned comments about flight bivouac, the extreme paragliding practise. Fly away with them in a flight to more than 7000 meters high, whirl to the top of the abysses, going through pass and over the Karakoram summits with the only force of the wind and genius of human!
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I am conquered, tomorrow I buy a paraglider, and you ?!

Bruno, Blankonthemap webmaster.

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