General opinion, a personal web site often presents a great originality but unfrequent updates, poor navigation systems, etc... On the other hand, professionals one are effectiveness, but rough design and publicities. Web sites are rare to offer strong originality, a reading richness, effectiveness, surprises for the eyes and spirit ! This selected web site hereafter are all very good qualities :


The Kashmir conflict & geopolitics of the Central Asia :

Christophe Jaffrelot, director of CERI (International Research and Studies Center), is graduate Institute of Political Studies of Paris, university Paris I - Sorbonne and National Institute of the Languages and Eastern Civilisations. He teaches politicals questions in South Asia in Sciences Po Paris, a chance for us who we studiing Kashmir !! Therefore below links towards complete articles, serious, enthralling on the Kashmir coming from the excellent Web site of the CERI (in french language) : : The great illusion, assessment of the Afghan policy in Pakistan. : The internationnals relations of India the indo-Pakistani relation proof (February 2002). : The Kashmirs question after September 11 and the new deal for Jammu and Kashmir (June 10 2003). : Variations (same authors). : Even topic and same authors on the Web site of the Institute of Safety studies (IES). : An interressant link from La Documentation Française on Kashmir in an interressant Web site. : Association Books of Studies on the Eastern Mediterranean and the Turco-Iranian world (CEMOTI) proposes a generous source of informations on the geopolitics of the areas being next to Pakistan. This Web site is connected like many others to a dense network of articles on line of which here the federator Web site: : This Web site is a gate on the political thought, philosophy, Social sciences, etc. The Maper of this Web site proposes published articles, this thus forms a single data bank for researchers, teachers, students and quidams. A means of research is proposed to be found there among the very many French-speaking texts, english-speaking & spanish. It is an easy access with scientific knowledge. : An interressant link from La Documentation Française on Kashmir in an interressant Web site. : A splendid document on Pakistan: very complete. : Information paper very official and not less enthralling on the conflict of Kashmir . : A clear file and concise about the problem of the Kashmir on the Web site of Radio Canada. : A very good report on the Web site of Radio Canada. This document counts the news well gives conflict following the new American diplomatic relations in South Asia. : The care and the form of this Web site of association Jaïa Bharati (association dedicated to India) are exceptional, large file on India history and through it, Kashmir history, a jewel on the web not to be missed. : Reciprocal perceptions about Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan nations, a very serious and enthralling file of the Observatory of Analyses of the Contemporary International relations (OARIC). : Web site of the famous french TV program "le dessous des cartes". : Web site of famous Harish Kapadia, have a look !

Comics : : Il est des documents qu'il est agréable de commenter. La trilogie du " photographe " édité chez Dupuis est un document exceptionnels à cheval entre la bande dessiné et la BD qui relate l'épopée d'une caravane de Médecins Sans Frontières partie en aide aux Moujahidins dans les montagnes de l'Hindu Kush pendnat l'invasion soviétique. Le Tome 3 réserve une surprise de taille car il est accompagné d'un DVD. On y rencontres les volontaires, la traverssée des cols, la vie des villages, les moujahidins, Juliette Lefebvre tenir tête aux grands gaillards armés jusqu'aux dents. Le site web exceptionnel et rare, nous invite à en savoir plus sur " Le Photographe " qu'il faut s'empresser d'acheter (19 euros). Le diaporama commenté en ligne par son auteur , le fameux photographe, est un témoignage tout à fait poignant.

Mountains of Pakistan : : Incredibles adventurers who creat the famous & usefull trekking books (Lonely Planet). : The K2 Web site: impassioning, the big one ! Many internal links towards twin topics. : Le Web site devoted to the trekking in Karakoram: many photographs, sometimes very atypical, maps and log books (in English). : A complete and interesting report about Kapura expedition. : Soviet's reports climb in Yutmar sar and Pumari chhish (Northern Face). : Very good web site about Pakistan and Central Asia (in English). : Web site to be excavated. : Very pretty photographs of Baltoro glacier. Official web site of the first Broad Peak climb in 1957.

Local life: : An excellent newspaper on line from Pakistan. : Web site about world music, music of the Maghreb and Kawali music amongst other things. : Good map on Pakistan on line. : Very good article about Pakistan, always in the excellent AGORA encyclopaedia web site. : A superb link about valley of Hunza. :Everythink you want to know about the valley of Hunza! : A French-speaking newspaper on line about arabic countries and Afghanistan ! : The Central Asia on line.

Forums : : Built by Simone Carmignani, one of the best specialist in Northern areas, the only forum on the North Kashmir which is worth really the sorrow.

Photographs : : Matthieu Paley is living in Hong Kong and know well Pakistan, it accomplished many trips there. Paleyphoto is its Web site, it is the Web site of photographs of one of best the specialist in Pakitani Kashmir, the best photographer of Kashmir mountains and its populations! : The maybe most beautiful and fantastic photographs Web site of Northern Kashmir on the Web: Rare photographs, precise information, great ! : Photographs of Pakistan, slow to load but very pretty Web site. : Photographs of the Pakistani army. : Superb photographs on Pakistan. : Pakistani mountains and besides, exceptional pictures. : A good Web site of mountains pictures.

ASIA MOUNTAINS AND BESIDES : The British Alpin club. : The excellent web site
of the american alpin club.

Books & maps : : To find all the mountains books. : Rare books, rares maps too about central Asia (Silk Route) and Northern areas, Filippo de Filippi & Schlagintweit brothers books,old maps : a mine ! : You search mountain's book ? Daniel will be very pleasure to undertaking some. : cheap mountains books. : Pretty cycling map. : Maps on line of the university of Texas. : Web site of the Berkeley university in California, probably the best web link to find on sciences of the earth and geographical Maps.

Satellite images : : The clone of Google Earth, realized in flash player: Relatively fast and especially a very good quality of pictures, impossible to circumvent. : A fantastic satellite images, it is an incredible web site! The Everest and all the Himalayas seen from space ! With scripts very well done, astonishing images (in particular an Himalayan view available here (connection ADSL is better). : all kinds of satellite images.

Photographs : : Photograph mountaineers informed on this personal web site. : A Web site of a mountains photographer to see ! : A very good Web site of photographs and climbs in mountain. : Superb Web site of a mountains (in Czech).

Forums : : Some very actives forums, guide books, the appointment of all impassioned mountainers. : "A Global Network for Mountain Communities", the best forum for passionate mountains. : The german trekking forum.

Arts gallery: : Valeriy Grachov from russia, offer pictures of his paints on mountain, a great art for a subject very often neglected by the artists.

Festival : : The travelling festival with a lot of animations directed towards travelling, in Albertville (France) each autumns.

Usefull links : : As Guinness of adventure on line, an inevitable Web site! : Topos & forums. : Documents dedicated to Himalaya & Himalayan countries : An excellent WebSite, clear & full qualityfull, design by the great passionnate André Lemaire.

OTHERS LINKS : TAMADI, for a foreign trip in rural areas: a good association to get away close the countries and peoples. : India seen by french Senate. : The problem of Tibet seen by french Senate. : Beautifull web site, to dream about Himalayas, more and more ! : Paulo Grobel web site, good surprises on some pages. : A Web site partner of a specialist in mountain. : Risk, one very (very) good Soviet English Web site about mountains. : Good Web site on the mountain, Soviet version! : Mountain encyclopaedia on line: impossible to circumvent. : Good web site on mountains in general. : Very pretty web site on the Everest. : Much climbing and mountaineering on this web site, in France & abroad. A friends web site on the mountains crowned, large file on South America: as passion ! : Cycling at 4000 meters, good for the lungs! With pretty wall papers. : Infos on Pamir. : Infos on Tien-Shan. : Great surprises in this web site devoted to Bill Tilman's story ! : One of the most pleasant personal Web sites I know, photographs of expeditions in Pakistan. : A reference web site! To consult with passion. : Sympathetic web site about Himalaya. : Good web site of mountains. :Very "fresh" Web site here. : The Tibet's cartography institute web site (yes, that's exists!) Maps of Tibet: Simple and effective, in English and French! : A very beautiful one on Ardito Desio (in Italian). : An impressive collection of photographs from Himalaya. : The new commercial Web site of Pierre Neret who proposes great ski traverse in the heart of Karakoram, pretty photographs are joints! : The journalist Alain Douce present here his great passion for potoling and climbing in mountains, a very pretty Web site rare to see. : A very good website about alpin summits with a good inventory and comments, like in Blankonthemap : to visit !, Rév. L- 11/11/06

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