Satellite image of Kashmir
This extraordinary satellite image has been reconstructed with the help of three others. This landscape represents the amphitheater of the Karakoram, world wide known for its high mountaineering. One can see there the Baltoro and Sargo Laggo basins as well as the Mutstagh passes through which went the biggest explorers like Conway or Erik Shipton. The Sarpo Laggo basin (in China) is unfortunately prohibited whereas the Baltoro basin (Pakistan) is visited every year by hundreds of tourists. Please note that at the top of the image, one can distinguish the image of the crevassed glacier that Erik Shipton went through in 1939 - he went all the way up to the foot of Skamri Peak ("the Fangs") and then further to the Snow Lake basin. One can clearly distinguish the K2 pyramid which only the Broad Peak can equal in stoutness, the Gasherbrun and the Masherbrun group. The Trango tower "Eternal Flame" projects a gigantic shadow onto the ground in the K2's direction whereas the Muztagh tower looks after this holy composition.

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