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Friends of the Northern Kashmir, Hello !

Hello to my pretty Hermance, coming to us 3 month ago in December, and I am his quite happy dady, welcome to her ! Which was made a little wait for this newsletter, but not for nothing !

Hindu Kush map
Hindu Kush
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(About copyright : as far as possible, I note the sources of the documents but it is not always the case when these documents are sent by Netsurfers themselfs)

And then some really brilliant Web sites with their innovations, the occasion to make publicity here , while starting with incredible K2climb (Explorer Web), excellent US Website, world reference on the alpinistic in the Himalayas and Karakoram moutains and many other things :

And some news... : ...with the interview of your humble servant on his last tour in September 2006. : One commercial expedition but far off the beaten tracks. Paolo Grobel, impassioned guide, go climbing Mamostong Kangri (7516m) next summer: to follow on the Paolo Grobel magnifying Website. : The simple and shining project of Aymeric CLOUET and Christophe DUMAREST team (28 and 26 years old) who runs summits of the planet while passing by Melungtse and his famous Shining Wall of Gasherbrum IV (7920m), one of most beautiful face in the world and also one of the hardest faces to climb. : Surprising movie of 4 friends embarking on the Trango's towers, a climbing with full engagement while finishing by the great jump with flying suits ! : A very great news for those which run to the libraries looking for history of the alpinism, American Alpin Newspaper puts on line its files! Search engine, clearness, a happiness!!! : A wonderfull travel by foot by a great traveller, Nobody before Michael made it before: The great traverse from Shimshal to Askole through an unknown pass, the Moni La.

Le site de Michael :


I will be to Barcelonnette next August to speak about the marvellous mountains of Pakistan and occasionally about my last wild expeditions in this so beautiful country, meet you there?

We crossed the 300 000 visitors on Blankonthemap this month ! Next update on the mountains of Batura Muztagh with a detailed description of the rises Passu & Batura Peaks which mark out the enormous Batura Wall (7531m/7795m), that one says it !

Bruno, webmaster of web site.

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