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Shaksgam belonged to Pakistan before being yielded to China in 1963 but its membership is always asserted by India: it is the typical example of a territorial inclinations in this part of the world. We can see great arids areas intersected with large glaciers going down from the large mountainous barrier made up from the Apsarasas group (7130/7200m) and from Teram Kangri group (7195/7410m) quite visible on this image. In 1929, an expedition led by the duke of Spolète finished the exploration of the high valley of Shaksgam and discovered the glaciers of Staghar & Singhie. In 1930, the Giotto Dainelli expedtion studied Siachen glacier. This bewitching valley is one of the sorriest places in the world, it was formerly attended only by baltis people who were going to look for work in Chinese Turkestan and by the Hunzakuts thieves in route to yarkand. The first European who have been there, was Francis Younghusband in 1887. Today, it is crossed only in its lower part by mountaineers joining the northern of K2, Gasherbrum and Broad Peak rarely. Down the picture, the Western part of the chain of Aghil range is visible, these mysterious mountains and unexplored are revealed. To reach the Aghil pass and the valley of Shaksgam, it is necessary to borrow the valley of Surukwat, an interminable valley of stone where one meets the last wandering pastors who take along sheeps in the high mountain pastures during the summer.

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